FCA Regulatory Hosting for Private Equity Managers

Vantage Ventures and its partners are specialist providers of FCA regulatory hosting services for Private Equity fund managers domiciled in Europe, US and non-EEA countries.

By working with Private Equity managers, we are able to provide:

  • Regulatory infrastructure to host private equity funds (offshore and onshore) and manage compliance and regulatory obligations;
  • A full 360 service ranging from set up, operational infrastructure, compliance and regulatory solutions providing our clients with best industry practice;
  • European passporting so that private equity managers can market and distribute their funds in Europe;
  • Pre and post transaction compliance services.
  • Capital Raising introductions to Private Equity funds.

As an independent, owner-managed investment manager – we are well positioned to assist you in any regulatory or compliance function for your private equity firm, whether you are a start up or established. 

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