FCA Regulatory Sandbox for FinTech Platforms - A 'Turnkey' FCA Regulatory Hosting Solution

Vantage Ventures actively works with financial technology (FinTech) companies in a 'Regulatory Sandbox' advisory and compliance capacity to ensure that the framework of the business meets all regulatory requirements.  

As a specialist in the regulatory set up and hosting of FinTech companies, we support FinTech companies going through FCA sandbox testing, whilst partnering with like-minded professionals, such as lawyers, administrators and custodians who come together to meet the common objective of our valued client.

With the FinTech industry rapidly evolving with cross-border activity, our expertise beyond regulatory sandbox testing, design and launch phase is looking at developments internationally to capitalise on opportunities by offering a flexible framework with EU-wide solutions. 

Our Value for You, our Client:

  • We work with our FinTech clients in assisting with FCA regulatory sandbox testing;
  • We innovate with industry changes to keep in line with best practice, whilst helping you building a scalable business model by attracting new investors/users to your platform over a broader geographical region;
  • We deliver a comprehensive regulatory hosting solution for our clients in a cost-effective method, allowing you to focus on your core business;
  • Capital Raising introductions for your FinTech platform;
  • We specialise in working with US and non-EEA FinTech companies looking to tap into European investors and opportunities such as financial services, real estate, infrastructure, commodities and resources.

As a specialist investment management platform, we provide regulatory and compliance services to FinTech companies throughout Europe, USA, South America, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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