As a specialist financial services consulting company, Vantage Ventures provides specialist and tailored services to Financial Services firms throughout Europe, US and non-EEA countries, throughout the US, Middle East and Asia.   

With our industry expertise in FCA regulatory hosting and fund set up, we are able to assist firms in navigating through complex European, US and Asian financial regulations and deliver a solution around our clients. 

  • We work with our global clients in assisting with European, US and Asian regulatory changes to keep in line with industry best practice;
  • We work with our clients in KYC and AML to ensure we combat financial crime together;
  • We deliver compliance and regulatory solutions for our clients in a cost-effective method, allowing our clients to focus on their core business;
  • Offer a 'Managed Compliance' service, where we look after your back office, allowing you to focus on your core business.

As a specialist consulting platform, we operate throughout Europe, US and non-EEA countries in providing an FCA regulatory and compliance services.  We offer a full range of solutions to support financial services firms throughout Europe, US, Middle East and Asia.

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