FCA Financial Promotions & Marketing Companies

As a specialist compliance and consulting company, we actively work with introducers and financial marketing companies throughout Europe, US and non-EEA countries who are seeking a FCA regulatory hosting solution for the promotion and distribution of investment products or services in the UK or Europe.  

As a specialist in regulatory hosting platforms, we partner with like-minded introducers to promote investments that require a regulatory infrastructure in order to attract a broader range of investors. With our industry expertise, we and our partners are able to assist financial marketing firms in navigating through complex UK and European regulations to ensure they remain compliant whilst promoting their products to investors.  

We work with Introducers, Financial Marketing & Promotions companies by:

  • Assisting you with regulatory changes to keep in line with industry best practice;
  • Assisting you in Financial Promotions sign off for your investment products and services;
  • Designing and Implementing a regulatory framework to ensure you are able to distribute investment products throughout the UK and Europe;
  • Offering you a platform to attract European investors to your investment products;
  • Delivering a comprehensive regulatory hosting solution, allowing you to distribute your investment products quickly and effectively;
  • Specialising in working with Emerging Market and Non-EU fund managers seeking to tap into the European investor base.

As a specialist investment management platform, we provide regulatory and managed compliance services to financial services firms throughout Europe, US, South America, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

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