Vantage Ventures are a financial services consulting and compliance company, specialising in regulatory hosting and fund set up/structures.   

We partner with like-minded professional partners, where we come together to promote and increase awareness of new and existing funds seeking capital investment.  With our industry expertise, we are able to assist firms in navigating through complex capital raising regulations to ensure they remain compliant whilst conducting investment management activities and promoting their respective fund to new investors.

We work with Corporate Finance & Capital Raising companies seeking to:

  • Introduce capital to new and exclusive funds with competitive track records in delivering stable returns for investors;
  • Invest capital in funds or financial instruments in order to cater for investors investment mandates;
  • Work with Emerging Market and Non-EEA fund managers in providing a FCA regulatory hosting platform.

Our Value for You, our Client:

  • We work with our clients in assisting with regulatory changes to keep in line with industry best practice;
  • We and our partners give you a platform to attract European investors to your fund;
  • We deliver a comprehensive regulatory hosting solution for our clients in a cost-effective method, allowing our clients to raise and deploy capital quickly and effectively;
  • We assist in the marketing promotion and fund / investment prospectus sign-off to ensure you are compliant at all times;
  • We specialise in working with Emerging Market and Non-EU fund managers seeking to raise capital in Europe for local projects such as real estate, infrastructure, commodities and resources.

As a specialist consulting and compliance platform serving emerging markets wealth managers by providing FCA regulatory and compliance services - we also offer a full range of consulting solutions to support financial services firms throughout Europe, US, Latin America Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Whether you are a Corporate Finance firm, Capital Raising specialist or thinking about setting up a new fund, contact us and see how we can assist you. 

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