Regulatory Hosting - Managed Accounts 

Vantage Ventures offers regulatory and compliance solutions around the creation and hosting of Managed Accounts for Wealth Managers, Portfolio Managers and Advisers seeking to manage their Professional or Institutional Client’s funds through a customised managed account.  

The Managed Accounts structure offer investors greater control, transparency and tailored investment services based on their risk tolerance and cash flow requirements. 

As investors seek to renegotiate terms with traditional hedge fund managers, Managed Accounts are a popular and ever growing alternative where investors can receive a bespoke investment management service, with greater transparency and considerably lower management fees.  This model therefore attracts Wealth Managers, Portfolio Managers and Investment Advisers in managing money for their respective clients.

Managed Accounts are popular with both investors and the Wealth Managers, Portfolio Managers and Private Bankers, as they provide;

  • Individual and tailored investments to meet the investors specific needs based on their risk tolerance;
  • Risk Management processes built around a strict regulatory and compliance framework;
  • Transparent Structure, allowing completed transparency for investors – from research analysis, trade execution to documentation processes;
  • Adaptability to changing economic environments;
  • EU Passporting;
  • Market and promote Managed Account strategies to attract additional clients

As a Wealth Manager or Portfolio Manager, if you are interested in setting up a Segregated Managed Account, we can assist you if you are able to;

  • Demonstrate experience of trading with a minimum 5 year track record;
  • Demonstrate that you work with investors who are Professional and Elective Professional by FCA definition;
  • Ensure you have risk parameters in place to which they must adhere when managing the money;
  • Conduct ongoing risk management of each segregated account, with the ability to stop the trading if losses reach a certain level;


As a specialist compliance and consulting firm,  Vantage Ventures are able to assist you in your Managed Accounts requirements, complete with compliance frameworks, regulatory hosting and EU passporting where required through our partner FCA regulated entities. 

Please contact us for further information in how we can help you.

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