Authorised Corporate Director (ACD)

Independent ACD Outsourcing Solutions - Vantage Ventures 

Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) is particularly useful for investment managers who are quite simply seeking to outsource the governing and oversight of the fund to an external authorised firm.   

This not only adds a layer of scrutiny, but also allows the external firm to recommend risk management, thus preventing any conflict of interest.  This allowing the investment managers to focus on value creation and deal origination.  

Authorised Corporate Director services can often be seen as a Non-Executive Director type role, where the governance standards would be reviewed and improved where required; thus reducing the administrative burden on the fund managers.  

Through Vantage Point Capital (Authorised & regulated by the FCA under FRN 790419) and our regulated partners , we able to provide an independent Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) service to financial advisers and investment managers. We would assume full regulatory oversight of the fund.  

By partnering with our specialist financial services lawyers, we are able to work with you from design, structuring and all the legal and regulatory stages, to a successful launch.  As a firm specialising in regulatory hosting solutions for financial services firms and fund manager, we can also offer our expertise on managed compliance and or any assistance require in growing your investment fund.  

Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) - Benefits;

  • Places neccessary infrastructure to effective govern and over management of investment funds;
  • Adds a layer of scrutiny and challenge the decision making process; 
  • Identify, manage and prevent conflicts of interest;
  • Provide eqivalence of a Non-Executive Director by increasing governance standards;
  • Reduces challenges (and costs) often faced with smaller, start up fund managers


If you are currently exploring your options for an Authorised Corporate Director, or would like to have an exploratory discussion in how we can help as an independent organisation - contact us.  


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