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Non-EU Private Equity Funds - Venturing in Europe

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Europe is the second largest pool of investor capital for Private Equity and Venture Capital funds, behind the US market.  

Private Equity firms seeking to market their fund to European investors to broadening their investor base, seeking to acquire European assets or developing investment strategies that may be better aligned to European investors (such as Social Impact Funds) require regulatory hosting and an AIFM solution.  

Through our client representative offices in New York and Singapore, Vantage Ventures and our UK FCA AIFM platform, Vantage Point Capital, specialise in working with Private Equity firms domiciled in the US, Middle East and Asia who are seeking a European and/or FCA regulated 'plug and play' solution for their PE fund.     

Private Equity funds are jurisidiction neutral in that they can be domiciled anywhere globally.   For example, an offshore fund (master fund, or sub-fund) can be promoted in Europe, as long as it is done so through an authorised AIFM.   The fund being promoted must be compliant with the European AIFMD regime, where the fund would need to be hosted under a European AIFM solution such as Vantage Point Capital.  

Whilst the European AIFM regime opens up a wealth of opportunities for Private Equity firms in Europe - there are significant regulatory  and risk management requirements, which make the outsourcing of the AIFM solution cost effective (and quicker) for non-EU managers seeking to promote their fund in Europe.   

The process can take as little as 3 weeks, allowing you to focus on deal origination, execution and value creation/portfolio management - whilst we look after all risk management, managed compliance and AIFM solution to your fund.  

Marketing Funds in Europe

There are two methods which allow the marketing of alternative investment funds (AIFs) in the EU by alternative  investment fund managers (AIFMs).

Marketing Funds in Europe

US & non-EEA financial services businesses we support:

  • Private Equity Funds;
  • Venture Capital Funds;
  • Real Estate Private Equity Funds;
  • Social Impact Funds;
  • Special Situation Investment Funds;
  • Corporate Finance Advisers
  • Family Offices;
  • Development Funds;
  • Asset Managers

Solutions for our US & Non-EU clients:

  • AIFM Solutions;
  • European Passporting to all 29 European states;
  • Integrated service providers for Funds;
  • Drafting & Issuing a European Fund Memorandum for your fund
  • Legal Documents, such as Investment Management Agreements (IMAs) with investors;
  • Risk Management frameworks
  • FCA Appointed Representative Regulatory Hosting;
  • FCA compliance and regulatory framework;
  • Onshore Fund Structuring (UK, Luxembourg or Ireland)
  • Due Diligence carried out on EU based counter parties.

We’re Here to Help if you…

  • Want to promote your fund in the UK & Europe in little as 3 weeks;
  • Want to focus on European deal origination and value creation, whilst we look after the AIFM solution and regulatory compliance;
  • Want to work with an AIFM platform supportive towards your strategic direction;
  • Have a track record of successfully being a financial professional;
  • Require European ‘Passporting’ into multiple countries;
  • Are seeking to establish a European presence, cost effectively and quickly

Our Objectives in Helping You…

  • Advising you/your fund on an AIFM solution;
  • Drafting & Issuing a European Fund Memorandum for your fund;
  • Offering your strong corporate governance around administration, regulatory reporting and ongoing regulatory compliance;
  • Reduce your costs so you can focus on your European business with a competitive advantage;
  • Offering you a competitive and scalable European platform for your fund;
  • Help you to develop and market your fund throughout Europe;

What we Will Do for You…

  • Act as AIFM for your fund, assuming all compliance & risk management - so you can focus on deal origination and value creation;
  • Create a flexible AIFM solution, where you are empowered to innovate and grow;
  • Introduce you to to vetted service providers & partners in Europe;
  • Assist you in your UK & European growth, cost effectively and efficiently;
  • Implement best practice in risk management and compliance;
  • Review all European legal documents, such as IMAs & Fund Memorandums;

As a global consulting firm, we work with Vantage Point Capital as FCA authorised AIFM platform

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