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Vantage Ventures Ltd, trading as Vantage Ventures, registered in England & Wales under company number 10503949. Registered address: 2 Minster Court, 4th Floor, London, EC3R 7BB, United Kingdom. Regulated services are provided by Vantage Point Capital Limited (company number 10905629) or its regulated investment partners who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom. Vantage Ventures Ltd is a compliance and consulting firm (non-regulated activities). 

Company Policies - Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) We are committed to ensuring that our customers are treated fairly and that the fair treatment of our clients is at the heart of the firm, as such as have a framework of principles to ensure that customers are at centre of everything we do and in by doing so:

  • We believe that customers are the most important aspect to our business and we endeavour to provide a service that is consistent to what our customer expects.
  • Our TCF policy is embedded within our firm and covers all aspects of our business from senior management to our client facing staff.
  • We will always try to ensure that our products and services marketed and sold are designed to meet the specific needs of our individual clients and are in keeping with their investment objectives. Communication with clients will be clear, fair and not misleading and clients will be kept appropriately informed before, during and after the point of sale.
  • Wherever possible, clients will have access to their portfolios online via a secure internet login so that they have complete transparency of their portfolios.
  • Our staff will remain at all times trained and competent to do their jobs and deal with customers in a friendly, helpful and efficient manner.

Policies and Procedures To ensure that the we apply industry best practice in everything we do, we have in place the following policies and procedures: 

  • A policy which ensures that our defined objectives are mutually agreed from the offset.
  • An account opening process which ensures that we know our clients and that advice given is suitable for each entity.
  • An inducement policy which ensures that our staff do not receive or give inducements if they are likely to conflict with a duty owed to our clients.
  • A Conflicts of Interest policy which sets out any issues which may have an impact on the independence of advice and any actions taken by the company’s staff and ensures that advice given is clear, fair and not misleading.
  • A trading execution policy which ensures that person executing the trades does not conflict with customers interests.
  • A Data Protection policy that ensures that the personal and sensitive information held on behalf of our customers is maintained in a secure and confidential environment.
  • Disclaimers & risk warnings that are clear and easy to understand.

Independence Vantage Ventures Ltd, trading as Vantage Ventures is an independent, owner-managed company.  When advising clients,  we are not tied to any financial institution or parent company, thereby enabling us to source the most appropriate products for our clients from the most reputable third parties.

Compliance Vantage Ventures has a dedicated compliance team that monitors the operating framework and communications with clients to ensure that their requirements are being met at all times and that conflicts of interest are appropriately managed.

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