COVID-19 Response

The global financial markets continue to be deeply affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, with global regulators and central banks offering guidance to affected firms. The UK FCA has provided detailed information which can be seen here.

We will continue to update this section of the website as situations and circumstances change in line with government guidelines and market conditions.

If your organisation has been affected by business suspension, furloughing or sickness, (be it a directly authorised firm, Appointed Representative or a Fund) – please contact us in complete confidentiality to see how we can assist; from SMCR, Compliance Oversight, MLRO locum resource arrangements and principle FCA firms hosting business/ARs on a temporary basis.

To assist our clients and partners through this difficult time, we have established a number of initiatives ranging from flexible and dedicated working solutions, cloud-based data-rooms and flexible fee structures.

We are, as ever thankful for our emergency services, National Health Service (NHS) and front-line keyworkers for keeping the UK safe.   We are optimistic that we will come out stronger, with togetherness and a determination to make both UK and our European partners prosperous by supporting our SMEs, corporates and financial services sector.  

A number of our clients and partners are already working on a number of Social Impact Funds, directly relating to COVID-19 as well as a number of private equity firms launching funds to assist SMEs and corporate organisations in the UK, who may not be eligible for the CBILs Loan Scheme.  Whilst the epidemic endures, opportunities will naturally surface – where we will work with you actively to ensure we are able to make a better tomorrow.   

We wish you well during these unsettling times.

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