AIFM Solutions - Setting up an Investment Fund - 'Plug & Play' 

The days of needing tens of millions of dollars or euros to establish an investment fund are a distant memory. Of course, you need a sensible-size initial investment to invest in order to deliver returns to the fund and cover your operating costs.  

As a bespoke AIFM hosting platform, we are specialise in the launch of new funds (and sub-funds of already established master funds) in a efficient and highly cost effective and scalable model allowing you grow AUM and promote your fund to outside investors.  

Whether you are a seasoned fund manager looking to establish an investment fund or an established investment seeking to launch a sub-fund in Europe,  we can help deliver a regulated 'plug and play' European AIFM solution around your specific requirements, ranging from advising on the appropriate fund structure and jurisdiction (Offshore Vs Onshore) to providing white-labelled fund administration, infrastructure and regulatory compliance, including European passporting.  

Who we work with:

  • Entrepreneurs & HNWs
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital firms
  • Wealth Managers;
  • Long/Short Fund Managers;
  • Listed Funds;
  • Family Offices;
  • Sovereign Funds / Government Funds;
  • Corporate Businesses
  • Non-EEA Managers Seeking to Promote their Fund in Europe

Funds for Non-EEA Countries

We specialise in working with non-EEA fund managers and advisers based in USA, Middle East and Asia who are seeking to promote their investment fund through a European AIFM-ManCo.   Our 'play and play' model for non-EEA managers can get you launched in Europe as quick as 4 weeks, where you can attract outside investment from European investors and/or invest into European assets.  

Your fund could be domiciled anywhere globally, as we would act as the Funds' AIFM in Europe, assuming all risk management and compliance functions.  

We can help you with:

  • Selecting an appropriate jurisdiction for your fund;
  • Establishing a new fund and supporting regulated entities (where required);
  • Sourcing & appointing service providers;
  • Master Feeder Fund structures (Cayman or Lux) to broaden your investor base;
  • Hosting your non-EEA fund through a European AIFM-ManCo structure;




Vantage Ventures utilise the services of Vantage Point Capital Ltd as the AIFM.  Vantage Point Capital Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under FRN 790419 as a small scope AIFM.  


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