Regulatory Hosting is one of the specialists areas that we focus on for financial services firms seeking to launch a UK start up.  

Through our London, New York and Singapore offices, we work with global financial services firms, ranging from;

  • Entity Incorporation at the UK Companies House
  • Nominee Directors (If required)
  • Business Bank accounts 
  • Registered Office / Business Address
  • Authorised Corporate Director services
  • Business Plan & Strategy
  • Regulatory Hosting solutions
  • Locum Regulated Controlled Functions

Our solutions are designed for clients who are either seeking to tap into the UK regulated market in a cost effective manner or start up financial services firms looking to operate under a regulatory umbrella in a bid to get to market quickly and cost effectively.   

If you are thinking of launching a UK financial services entity, contact us and see how we can help.  Our advice and review service is complimentary. 


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