Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - Going above and beyond...

When companies like Vantage Ventures operate on a global scale, we go above and beyond of what would be expected from us, not only in a commercial capacity, but also our social responsibilities to the communities that are we in.  That said, we make charitable donations to our network of charities who serve local communities.  

“Vantage Ventures' CSR policy is the forefront of our success, which places a firm responsibility on team members and stakeholders of Vantage Ventures to conduct business in a responsible way with respect for the partners we do business with, our communities and the wider environment. Conducting our business in a socially responsible manner is critical to maintaining the trust of our clients and regulators to deliver on our commercial goals”

Vantage Ventures' CSR policy is based around a concise vision and engaging set of objectives and supports our company mission to be the exceptional competitor in our chosen markets.

What does this mean for our clients?

  • Innovation and growth through sustainable development;
  • Promoting and sponsoring our communities;
  • Reducing the environmental impact of our business and supply chain by using fewer resources and working more efficiently;
  • Building sustainable competitiveness by providing a platform for innovation and exchange;
  • Working with regulators, competitors and corporate partners in promoting industry best practice for the greater good;
  • Developing best practice on CSR.

Below are a list of charities we are currently working with. Our team members take part in our charity events, offering their advice, expertise and knowledge at our dedicated networking events.

British Heart Foundation
British Red Cross
Cancer Research UK
Comic Relief
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Human Aid
Smile Train
Young Epilepsy

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