A Note from our Founder & Managing Director 

As the founder of Vantage Ventures, it is my responsibility to develop and maintain a culture which supports you in your quest to launch a success financial services venture in Europe.  

Having started my career in investment banking over 15 years ago, I witnessed the ‘good’ times whilst at Merrill Lynch and the challenging times post 2008-9.  However, something that I took away from my experience was the lack of value and personable service for ventures in their infancy.   

Was it the 'up and coming' technology that allowed us to do everything with the touch of a button, was it the Merrill's brand and reputation we were hiding behind, or was it quite simply the sheer size of the organisation and culture we were immersed in that led to a complete disconnect in only serving the 'biggest and the best' clients.

The truth is, there probably isn’t a single answer. But what I can be certain of is that service in any business is fundamental to its existence, as are strong values and a culture that promotes growth and innovation. 

Our relationship with you is bespoke and truly personal.  Not only do we fully understand the business environment and the inherent challenges - but we continuously invest in our relationships globally through our representative offices in New York and Singapore.  More importantly, we do not believe in ‘sales guys’, instead myself or senior management talk to you in strict confidentiality to fully understand how we can build you a scalable foundation to assist and empower you in your quest of value creation through your financial services venture.  

“Our business model is based on offering a truly client-centric and personable service, by managing only a few clients, but managing them extremely well”.

I personally wish you the very best and look forward to speaking with you to learn more about you and how we can add value to your business, wherever you are globally. 

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Nomaan (Noah) Jamal (BSc Hons)

Founder & Director

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