Vantage Ventures

Vantage Ventures (VPV) started off originally as a business start-up consultancy services, working with entrepreneurs from a multitude of backgrounds in establishing and growing business ventures, whilst retaining VPV's services and ecosystem of professional service providers.  Having helped ventures ranging from real-estate, insurance and financial technology, we recognised that financial services firms required the most assistance in early stage start up and even after 3-5 years post-launch.  

As a specialist consulting business, we specialise in working with financial services firms where we have developed an ecosystem of professional and vetted service providers, backed by our in-house team of compliance consultants and financial services regulatory lawyers to help our clients and partners to grow and nurture their ventures.

We recognise that we cannot be 'all things to all people' and of course, the most successful organisations focus on their niche services.  

That said, we are proud to be one of the few industry specialists in Europe to focus on;

  • European Fund Management Hosting (AIFM/ManCo)
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital Funds - In-house Design, Launch & Hosting services
  • FCA Regulatory Hosting, complete with Managed Compliance and EU Passporting


Our streamlined and specialist service offering allows to us establish flexible pricing structures and tap into our pre-qualified and vetted service providers, at your discretion, ranging from Fund Administrations, Corporate Services, Lawyers, Auditors, Custodians and Prime Brokers.

We work with start up and emerging financial services ventures, family offices, fund managers, private equity and venture capital firms seeking to launch and raise capital throughout Europe, by taking full advantage of our existing AIFM / Third Party ManCo platform (through our FCA regulated partners) in a cost effective and flexible method.  

Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, we have a global footprint covering the US and Asia through our representatives offices in New York and Singapore in deploying our extensive and specialist knowledge to our clients and partners seeking to launch a financial services venture / capital raise in Europe.  


We offer a truly client-centric and specialist service, to empower, innovate and encourage growth for our valued partners and clients.

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